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Our clients are looking to maximize value and as their trusted global business partner, it’s up to us at LGO to highlight ways to cut translation costs while still producing first-rate, fluent content in every language. While our cutting-edge technologies provide our clients a great deal of budget-friendly solutions, today we want to discuss one of the strongest, simplest tools in our multilingual toolbox: Translation Memory (TM).

Simply put, TM is a constantly developing index of all previously translated content, organized by target language. Each project you send off for translation is entered into our software, which scans the document for any new strings of text and immediately creates a new entry within your TM. If the new string (either a single word or entire phrase) ever appears again in the same document OR in future projects, our translators will have access to the previously used translations, resulting in faster, cheaper, and more consistent end-content.

When TM is used by translators in a new document, strings are quantified by percent matches, which are assigned by our software after comparing the content of the current document string against all segments of the TM. To qualify as a 100% match, the entire string has to match the string in the TM exactly, including characters and character formatting. It is also possible to have a 101% match, which is a 100% match string sandwiched by two other 100% match strings, meaning that TM phrasing and context match.

Anything less than a 100% match is called a fuzzy match. Fuzzy matches have an industry standard 75% threshold, because anything less than that is useless to the translator. Any match between 75% and 100% facilitates the process, but still requires a translator, post-editor, or reviewer to review and make appropriate changes.

Make technology do the work for you! With TM, the more you translate, the more you save. LGO’s current TM strategy allows for a host of fantastic features, including:

  • Multiple TMs for multiple target languages
  • TM creation and development across all file types
  • Import previous TM from internal translations or another company
  • Delete or modify entries for updated copy
  • Export TM for internal review and glossary creation

Leveraging the power of TM is critical for optimizing your translation budget and the best thing is the LGO provides this service for free. Talk to us about building your TM today.

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