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With social distancing still in effect to the Covid-19 pandemic, many end-of-year events are being moved online. Instead of coordinating interpreters to show up and help you present your in-person event, remote interpretation is a popular option to connect with your international staff and clients. Here are our top tips for remote interpretation services.

Know the parameters of your platform

Before signing on a LSP to manage your interpretation event, be sure that you have access to the right remote event software for your project. For example, with the free version of Zoom, you can have a single interpreter sign on as one of the attendees. However, if you have more than one foreign language to support, you will need to upgrade to the business level or higher.

Define your event times

This is critical: provide clear cut start and end times for proper quoting. For international events, don’t forget to take different time zones into account. No matter how dedicated your audience is, no one wants to log in at 3 am!

Check internet speeds and login info

The day before the event, check that your internet is fast enough to support all the attendees. Additionally, ensure everyone has a login link, meeting ID code, and password. You don’t want interpreters emailing you an hour before the event for the information, but with a professional LSP, this will be sorted out far in advance. Speaking of…

Coordinate with your LSP in advance

Interpretation is an art, and to be able to best prepare for accurate, quality interpretation, it’s a good idea to book and communicate with your interpreters at least a week in advance. That gives your LSP time to review your materials and brand language so they can research and rehearse specialized language.

Make time for a pre-event check-in

About an hour before your event, make time for interpreter sign-in so that you can check sound levels, internet speed, connection, and clarity. It’s a good idea to run some practice sentences to check for any lag and reception.

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