Setting up an AdWords campaign in your language is difficult enough as is, but launching one in a foreign target market is a whole different level of challenging. While transcreation, the process of creating an entirely new campaign in a target language, is becoming more and more popular, plenty of companies are still looking to translate their already established marketing campaigns. Here’s what you need to know to prep a successful multilingual AdWords campaign.

1) Do your keywords research

The biggest pitfall a company can make is simply translating their keywords. More often than not, there is no 1:1 translation for a keyword, so leaving it up to a translator means their linguistic choice affects your traffic. Instead, you have a few options:

  • Run a search query report to find existing target language keywords
  • Study target language ads and landing pages of your competitors to see what they emphasize
  • Compile any information you have on multilingual keywords and pass it on to your Language Service Provider (LSP). They will leverage their multilingual marketing expertise to help you will the final round of keyword revision.

2) Prioritize meaning and be ready to cut

When you’re looking to translate your meta tags from English to another language, odds are that you’ll have to cut out certain information to remain within Google’s character limits. This shouldn’t be seen as disadvantageous, but rather as an opportunity to focus on the information that’s most important to your target audience and cutting down on the superlatives.

3) Translate landing pages

When you launch a multilingual marketing campaign, you have to follow through on your promise made in the ad with a translated landing page. If your potential customer can’t interact with your end-content, then you’ll lose them! Working with your LSP as a global business partner, you can repurpose the Style Guide and discussions had during the translation of your campaign to ensure consistent brand voice in a functional target language landing page.

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