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No one like the BMV, so we’ve put together a FAQ and steps to translate to ensure that your driver’s license translation is accepted the first time around.

What do I need to translate?

Some countries have both driver certificates, awarded by nongovernmental agencies that show driving proficiency, and driver licenses, given by the government and representing legal authority to drive. Odds are, you need to translate your driver license, but check the BMV website to make sure.

Do I need to mail my physical license?

Due to liability, we do not handle original copies of driver licenses. Instead, you can simply email us a photo copy of your original license at to get it translated.

Is it better to email a scan or a photo of my license?

Either is fine, but it is usually easiest to take a clear photo of both sides of your license with your smartphone camera, ensuring that all borders of the license and information is visible and legible.

How much does it cost?

At LGO Language Services, driver license translation costs $70.

How long does it take?

We can translate and certify your license in 24 hours upon approval and payment.

What is a certificate of translation?

Along with a translated version of your international driver license on company letterhead, you must present a certificate of translation at the BMV. This is included in the $70 fee. It is simply a document signed by the translator, indication that the translation is complete and accurate and has not been done for a family member, friend, or associate.

Here are the steps to get your license translated in 24 hours:

  • Send a photo of both sides of your license to
  • Pay the $70 invoice that is sent to you.
  • Upon receipt of your translated license within 24 hours, print out both the certificate of translation and the translated license.
  • Take your original license, translation, and certificate to the BMV.

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